Stamping die

Here, we are showing examples of Stamping dies and manufactured goods DELTATOOLING produces.
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DIE   Stamping die
At DELTA TOOLING, we have a consistent operation from layout to fabrication for a variety of stamping dies used for many different processes.
We develop high-quality, highly efficient production dies, including progressive dies which require an advanced process design and processing techniques by determining the best process from product’s layouts.
In addition, we develop and manufacture fine blanking dies and we offer them with a great confidence for its highest quality in this industry.

Realizing high-quality products at low cost
Fine blanking manufacturing technology enables the stamping of very precise, complex three-dimensional products in one shot, and DELTA TOOLING offers a superior product line in this area.
Our dies have a cross-section equivalent to dies processed by machine without secondary finishing processes such as cutting and grinding, which are required to traditional press work. Products manufactured by these precise dies combining complex processes such as bending, collapsing, and squeezing realize high quality in areas such as dimensional precision, contour, and stability.
FB dies for automotive seating parts
FB dies for automotive seating parts
Making the impossible possible.We succeeded in our efforts to use stamping processes to mass-produce a helical gear, using a FB process; this was regarded as impossible due to the accuracy required by gear parts, and also due to surface roughness. We achieved a material thickness of 4 mm and a 14-degree angle of torsion.
The structure that depresses it vertically by the force of pressing ram, with a guide plate as a guide for punching, stamping out and providing rotating force
internal gear
First-Ever TechnologyWith our winning technology, we have made it possible to manufacture "internal gears", internal recliner parts for automotive seats by FB compound manufacturing processes, which is the first in the industry.
Scaling up the gear
Precision parts are made possible with the three-step compound process with only microscopic shear drop in the teeth area, 0.38 module and R=0.168 at the tips of the gear teeth.
The integration of many processes means high productivity.
We handle many types of dies from large, PRG moldings for automotive parts to precision PRG molding for electrical components.

Progressive dies, also known as multiple-stage dies: at DELTA TOOLING, we are in full command of the know-how required in the process design of each manufacturing stage, designing the required progression of processes into one structure for optimum productivity. In each process, products progress through the next stage of the process, and then are completed after several shots.
The challenging limitations of molding manufacturing
Transfer dies are also called "compounding" type dies.
They are dies with a construction in which the outer shape is stamped out and then other various manufacturing processes such as squeezing, bending, and stamping out, are implemented and enables us to combine processes and create a complex product in one shot.

At DELTA TOOLING, we are striving to utilize the advantages of molding technology to gain optimum yield ratio of manufacturing materials, reducing the number of processes required for manufacturing.
Automotive seat frame components
Transfer dies
Automotive seat frame components
Examples of deep contour, "deep-squeeze molding" manufacturing Examples of "high deformation and deep-squeeze molding" manufacturing

We are performing squeeze-molding processes with a stepped and corner squeeze of 11-degrees for motor parts' cases.